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What's new

The ArcGIS Web AppBuilder update includes the following features and enhancements.


  • Support for Slovak language.


  • Add Data—You can now add WMTS OGC web services.
  • Business Analyst—Customize the content for the widget's home screen to provide different instructions. When configuring the widget, you can specify a default infographic and report. You can also configure export options for infographics.
  • Gridded Reference Graphic—UTM has been added to the reference system options.
  • Parcel Drafter—You can now configure and edit additional attributes. For unclosed parcels created by the widget in this release and later, users can now edit and close the unclosed boundaries.
  • Smart Editor—There's a new configuration option to honor web map settings if you want to always synchronize the related settings defined in the web map. You can also configure the widget to automatically expand related records for quick editing. When specifying attribute actions presets, you can now select valid date values from the data. Intersection Attribute Actions provide an option to enable a value picker for end users to select between multiple intersecting values. You can now use Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) when moving point features to a new location using coordinates.
  • Threat Analysis—The threat type categories now include liquid propane gas (LPG) threats.

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