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What's new in ArcGIS Notebook Server 10.9

ArcGIS Notebook Server 10.9 offers new enhancements, tools, and bug fixes. Notable new developments are described below.

New at 10.9

New ArcGIS Notebooks experience

The ArcGIS Notebooks experience has been updated with a new notebooks landing page accessible from your organization’s navigation bar. From the new notebooks home page you can create a new notebook, view notebooks you own, view notebooks that have been shared with your organization, manage running notebooks, and access Esri sample notebooks.

Learn more about creating a notebook with the new notebook experience

Multi-License sites

Starting at ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9, ArcGIS Notebook Server supports multi-licensed sites, allowing all machines that participate in a site to no longer need the same level of license. For example, you can setup a three machine site with one machine configured with an advanced license and two machines configured with standard licenses. Prior to 10.9, all machines were required to have the same level of license (either advanced or standard). This multi-license capability introduced at 10.9 will allow for scaling with a varying number of machines that have either an advanced or standard license.

Learn more about joining additional sites with different licenses

Notebook snapshots

Introduced at ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9, Notebook Snapshots allow ArcGIS Notebooks authors to preserve up to five (configurable) point-in-time, full snapshots of a notebook. Notebook snapshots are full copies of the notebook file JSON preserved as resource files on the notebook Item.

Learn more about Notebook Snapshots

Samples data

Introduced in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9, samples data used by Esri sample notebooks is now installed with a separate installer. The data can either be installed by running the ArcGIS Notebook Server samples data installation wizard or silently using command line parameters.

Learn more about Installing and configuring ArcGIS Notebook Server samples data

Learn more about Silently installing ArcGIS Notebook Server samples data

New Esri sample notebooks

A new set of Esri sample notebooks has been introduced in 10.9:

  • Data Preparation: Analyzing Healthcare Provider Shortage, Part 1/4
  • Exploratory Statistics: Analyzing Healthcare Provider Shortage, Part 2/4
  • Exploratory Statistics: Analyzing Healthcare Provider Shortage, Part 3/4
  • Machine Learning: Analyzing Healthcare Provider Shortage, Part 4/4

Learn more about Esri sample notebooks

System requirements

ArcGIS Notebook Server requires Docker Desktop for Windows (version or later) to be installed.

ArcGIS Notebook Server requires the Hyper-V role to already be installed on Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10. Refer to the Microsoft documentation on how to install the Hyper-V role for Windows Server 2019 and for Windows 10.


Certain virtualization environments do not allow Hyper-V to be enabled and operated in Windows. As a result, ArcGIS Notebook Server cannot be installed and operated in such environments. ArcGIS Notebook Server supports virtualized environments hosted on VMware vSphere 6.7 or later that have hardware assisted virtualization (nested virtualization) enabled for the guest OS. Before you install ArcGIS Notebook Server, ensure that Docker is installed on your machine and supports Linux containers.

Microsoft Edge Legacy and Internet Explorer are no longer supported for use with ArcGIS Notebook Server.

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