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Add outputs to a GeoEvent Service

Output connectors, or outputs, are the elements in a GeoEvent Service that enable the real-time dissemination of processed event data (GeoEvents) to a consumer in an expected format. Adding new and working with existing outputs is done in ArcGIS GeoEvent Manager using the service designer available on the GeoEvent Services page.

Create and add a new output

A new output can be created and added to a GeoEvent Service by dragging and dropping the Output element from the New Elements list onto the service designer canvas or by double-clicking the Output element.

From the list of available output connectors, select and configure the output appropriate for how you want to disseminate the GeoEvents. Once the new output is created, it will be added to the service designer canvas and available in the Outputs list. The output, by default, will be in a stopped state when created to prevent dissemination of data prior to a user being ready. To start an output, see Start or stop and output below.

Add an existing output

To add an existing output to a GeoEvent Service, drag and drop or double-click an available output from the Outputs list to add it to the service designer canvas.

Copy an output

A copy of an existing output can be created by right-clicking an available output in the Outputs list and choosing Create New Output as Copy. The new output created from the copy can be edited and updated accordingly by right-clicking the new output and choosing Edit Input Properties. The new output can be added to the current or another GeoEvent Service.

Start or stop an output

An output can be started and stopped by right-clicking an available output in the Outputs list or by right-clicking an output on the service designer canvas and choosing Start Output or Stop Output. Starting and stopping an output controls the active dissemination of processed GeoEvents to consumers.

Edit an output

To edit an existing output, right-click the output in the Outputs list and choose Edit Input Properties. To edit the properties of an output in a GeoEvent Service, double-click the output on the service designer canvas to access the outputs properties.

For details on output connectors, see Overview of output connectors and for a list of output connectors included with GeoEvent Server, see Available output connectors.